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Saturday, November 05, 2005

64 bit Windows

Following was from geek27:
NOT GOOD FOR 64bit USERS, October 9, 2005 Reviewer: tvideo (NJ, USA) - See all my reviews
Since, I don't care about stealing any music, the "Copy Protected" warning didn't bother me in the least. I am a Hardcore gamer I have a high end 64bit PC running Windows XP Pro. The CD claims it is compatible with Windows XP, it does NOT specify which versions so I assumed I was OK.

I installed this CD and I was forced to accept some agreement and then it installed some lousy music player. Everything seemed fine until next time I rebooted my PC both my DVD and CD drives had literally disappeared! That's right this so-called copy protection destroyed access to my drives!!! The copy protection REALLY works great they just disable all your CD/DVD drives so you can't use them with ANY discs anymore - UNBELIEVABLE!!!
Looks to orignally be from an Amazon review by "tvideo". We had heard rumors about 64 bit problems, and this seems to corroborate such.

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