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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Sony DRM rootkit code (#7)

The Sony DRM root kit thing was picked up by Clicked at MSNBC online in an article entitled: "Running from the beat of a different DRM". And that article links to an article entitled "DRM Crippled CD: A bizarre tale in 4 parts" at The Big Picture Blog. And that is where things got interesting.

According to The Big Picture, the DRM stuff started as a fight between Sony and Apple. It seems that Sony doesn't like the fact that there are a lot of people ripping songs off of its CDs and downloading them to their iPods, and, maybe even worse, bypassing that to buy just the single songs from Apple's iTunes site. And hence the ever stranger tale told there in four parts. By the end of it, through the installation of the DRM root kit code among other things on Windows machines, Sony is pushing its recording fans from Windows based computers to Macs made by, of course, arch-enemy Apple. Weird. Sony indirectly pushing Macs as a reaction to iPods and iTunes, all from Apple.

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