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Friday, November 11, 2005

Mark's Sysinternals Blog (#4) - actual uninstall

This article titled "Sony: You don’t reeeeaaaally want to uninstall, do you?" primarily deals with the actual uninstall of the Sony DRM code. In his previous post, he discussed the first level uninsall that merely uncloaks the drivers, while downloading 3.5 mb of updated drivers. This is the actual uninstall process, and it is a doozy:
1) you first go to the Sony support site and guess that it is mentioned in the FAQ.
2) you then fill out a form with your email address and purchase information. According to Sony's privacy policy, they can, of course, use this for marketing purposes.
3) the send you an email with a "Case ID".
4) It directs you to another page that asks if you really want to uninstall the software.
5) It also requires the installation of an ActiveX control (i.e. it can only be run under IE, not any of the Gecko/Mozilla browsers).
6) The ActiveX control, CodeSupport.Ocx, signed by First 4 Internet, requires that you enter your Case ID and the reason for your request.
7) You are then informed that you will receive another email containing the uninstall instructions within one day.
8) This second email contains a link to a personal uninstall page. If you visit the page from the same computer from which you originally requested the uninsall, it is performed, but
9) If you try to access it from any other computers, you are directed to go back to step #2 above.

Interestingly, it appears that Sony uploads an encrypted snapshot of hardware ID information for your computer when you request a Case ID. This has to then match when you actually try to uninsall. Obviously, and attempt to make everyone who unintalls jump through those same eight steps.

And hence, Mark's title.

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